Read This Before Selecting An Acting School

“Beware of Scams”

E very day in Atlanta people just like you are not being told the truth about how to make it in the industry. Scams are abundant. Many who call themselves acting coaches and teachers are simply actors who cannot find work as actors because they themselves lack the talent, skills, or tenacity to win roles in film and television. If what they teach isn’t working for them….how will it work for you?

Some so-called acting teachers claim that their college degree in theater is proof that they deserve to be paid to instruct you. Beware; Very few colleges or universities offer training in acting for the camera or how to build a successful acting career. A theater degree is just that – a certification that an individual has studied theater not film and television. Once out in the real world, actors with theater degrees must prove themselves competent on-camera performers just like the novice actor with little to no experience at all. There are even those who have studied with GregAlan at ACTOR’S BREAKTHOURGH who, after a few months of study, decided to open acting schools and/or hire themselves out as acting coaches—despite the fact that they had won no roles and thus possessed little practical experience.

So how do you know if a teacher or a school is actually qualified to teach? You can look at a resume but how can you verify what you see? The answer is simple, IMDB.COM. IMDB is the international TV and film database. IMDB tracks virtually every legitimate film and TV production in the country—from development, to production, to release in theaters, on DVD and on television. Any professional actor, director, cameraman, wardrobe supervisor, etc. who has worked on legitimate TV and Film productions has an IMDB page. That page includes a complete and up-to-date list of the production titles and roles portrayed. Though IMDB may indicate an actor was part of a production, if the role the actor claims to have played is labeled as UNCREDITED it means that actor was not a principal but only a background extra with no lines.

Wherever you train, please…make sure that you are receiving on-camera training from a true and experienced on-camera professional. Click on this link to visit ACTOR’s BREAKTHROUGH Dean GregAlan Williams IMDB page. Be sure you do the same with any and all of your potential instructors, agents, casting directors, and other folks who claim to be industry professionals who can help you grow your career.

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